How it all works

Ever wonder what happens to your clothes after they arrive at Baryames?

For nearly 100 years

The Baryames family has been helping members of our community by caring for their favorite garments (and now their day-to-day wear with our Wash & Fold service). We want to make sure everyone has a great experience with Baryames. From handling garments in over 13 different locations to delivering next-day service, we put the customer first.  Let’s walk through our process.

Location Drop-off
(or van pickup)

Our customers have the option to drop off their clothes at one of our convenient Lansing area dry cleaning locations or, schedule a pickup.  Either way, once your garments arrives at our cleaning facility we will immediately tag them. This small tag is ironed on and provides a simple barcode that you will never need to remove. This allows our staff to quickly scan and track your garments on subsequent visits.

Your tagged garments will be logged into our computer system so that we know what you’ve brought in and where it needs to go once we’ve completed processing your clothes.

Sorting Process

Our team will begin sorting your garments by color and cleaning process. This cleaning process is typically determined by the care-for instructions found on the garment.

At this point, your clothes will go through our state-of-the-art dry cleaning process or a more traditional water and detergent process.

The Cleaning Process

Dry Cleaning

We use an earth-friendly, organic, biodegradable cleaning fluid that provides your garment with a deep and delicate cleaning.

Wet Cleaning

Your fine washables will go through a tightly controlled process using the highest quality detergents that you can get only with Baryames.


When we refer to something as being laundered this mean that it goes through a more traditional water and detergent process.  This process is most common with your dress shirts.

Quality Assurance and
Spot Treatment

After the cleaning process, we will perform our first round of garment quality assurance checks.

Our team will hand review each item for any soil or stains that didn’t get removed from the cleaning process and work to treat any spots by hand.

We can’t work magic, but we’ll do whatever we can to remove any problem spots and get your garment into tip-top shape.

Iron / Steam

All garments will be handled using our state-of-the-art finishing processes.

Our team of experienced professionals will handle each garment like it is their own to ensure we achieve the best possible result.

Quality Assurance

Once the garment has been finished it will undergo another inspection for quality assurance.  One of our team members will review it and look for any wrinkles, loose threads, or anything out of the ordinary.

If there is a bad wrinkle, a button missing, or some minor repair needed, we’ll flag it and it will be touched up by one of our team members.  We can’t catch everything but we have every process in place to try!

Bag it and send it out

Your clothes will then be organized and brought back together.  As we’re bagging your garments our computer system will tell us exactly how many items you had and whether we’ve got them all back in your bag or not.  Once all of your garments are back in your bag we deliver it to your Baryames location or to the van which will be scheduled to drop it off at your home.

Enjoy It

A freshly cleaned and finished garment can make you feel like a million bucks. Go out there and enjoy it!

Have you had a great experience with Baryames? Let us know!