Caleb P

My experiences at this particular Baryames have been completely unrivaled by any other service-oriented business, period. The staff is incredible, service is unbelievably quick, and I know I can always count on the quality being absolutely pristine when I need it the most. Baryames hires only the best- and I am made well aware of this every time I walk through the doors. On one specific occasion I was astonished at the customer service of their employees. One evening, Baryames’ incredibly quick service had me rushing into the store to pick up a last minute item. I had been so excited about how quickly they were able to complete my order that I accidentally locked my keys in my car! Luckily for me, Baryames’ best, Latavia and Amara, were working that evening. After explaining my situation, within seconds they were offering up solutions to help. We scrapped together some hangars (which a dry cleaner’s obviously has plenty of), called a friend, and got my sticky situation resolved. Thanks to the hard work and dedication to customer service of Latavia and Amara, I left Baryames that day with pristine, clean clothes, AND an unlocked car. I can say with 100% certainty that after that specific experience, I will never take my clothes anywhere else to be dry cleaned. Baryames, through Latavia and Amara, exemplified excellence in service and going above and beyond.