Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gown Preservation

At Baryames, we recognize every wedding dress is different and special. All details matter. That’s why your wedding gown will be treated with the highest level of care. After thoroughly inspecting your dress, it is delicately cleaned and expertly hand finished. Upon request, we will package your gown in a beautiful box for your safe keeping.

Be sure to place your perfectly preserved and packaged gown somewhere with low humidity and minimal temperature fluctuation.

Always avoid storing your wedding gown in plastic bags or vacuum-sealed, plastic-wrapped containers. Plastic emits fumes that can yellow your bridal gown and traps moisture that will mildew your gown.

If you wore it, it needs to be cleaned.

Even if your dress looks clean, perspiration and hard-to-see stains will damage fabric over time, if you don’t get your gown professionally cleaned, you will see damage eventually.

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