Bridal Services

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Once you find the perfect wedding dress, you eagerly wait for it to arrive for your special day. But it arrives wrinkled and creased, and doesn’t fit you the way you remembered. Don’t worry! Bring your dress to Baryames Cleaners! Our own Wedding Gown department will clean, refresh, restore, and press your dress to make it as beautiful as you hoped. Even if you’re working on a tight timeline, we can work quickly to make sure your dress is ready for your big day!

After your wedding, we can professionally clean and press your dress to keep it looking picture-perfect for years to come. Whether you are planning to resell your dress, store it for fond memories, or pass it on to future generations, we can help you keep it in pristine condition. We can put your wedding dress or another formal gown into a dress box with acid-free paper to keep it perfectly preserved. With soil and oil removed from the fabric and the dress safely stored, your dress will remain in like-new condition until it’s ready for another amazing day.

Formal Dresses

Baryames Cleaners provides top-notch dry cleaning services for formal dresses, ensuring that they are meticulously cleaned and carefully pressed to perfection.