Specialty Services

Baryames Cleaners is a specialty cleaning service that offers top-of-the-line cleaning services for a variety of high-end items, including suede and leather clothing, coats, handbags, and shoes.

Suede & Leather

Suede and leather require special care and attention to ensure they maintain their appearance and durability, and the skilled professionals at Baryames Cleaners have the expertise to handle these delicate materials with care. Their services include thorough cleaning, conditioning, and protection of the materials to ensure their longevity.

Handbags & Shoes

Handbags and shoes are also given special attention, with a focus on preserving the quality of the materials and restoring their appearance.

Baryames Cleaners takes pride in their ability to provide exceptional service and attention to detail to all their customers, ensuring that their valuable items are cared for with the utmost care and expertise.