Dry Cleaning

Unparalleled Quality. Organic and ECO Friendly.

Our organic cleaning process is the most technologically advanced in Mid-Michigan. As a result your garments get the best of both worlds. They will return to you cleaner, whiter, brighter, and odor free. In addition your garments will last longer saving you money. Our rigid 8 point inspection will make sure your garments look and feel like new. In addition, our dry cleaning process is PERC free.

You know what’s interesting? The dry cleaning process isn’t actually dry. We use an organic-based fluid that provides a deeper and delicate cleaning process. Your clothes smell better, the chemicals aren’t harmful, and many of our cleaning supplies are filterable and reusable making our dry cleaning process very environmentally friendly. You know what else is interesting? Soil found within your garment can actually create friction on the material causing the fibers to break down, resulting in more wear and tear. Your garment will actually last longer with regularly scheduled dry cleaning appointments.

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